Give the hope of Jesus through inspiring and life-changing stories.

People are looking for hope. This season is meant to be filled with hope, but some are still searching through things, relationships, success and so on. And none seem to last.

Only Jesus can give people what they truly need: peace, forgiveness and new life – that leads to everlasting hope. We believe God is using the stories of I Am Second to continue his mission. Our films and storytelling have the unique ability to penetrate the often dark corners of the internet with the hope of Jesus. We tell raw stories of real people who were changed when they put Jesus first. After watching these stories, we encourage them to take next steps in their faith journey. Through tools and resources, we equip people with the knowledge and confidence they need to share the good news of Jesus. 

As a donor-funded ministry, we rely entirely on the support of those like you who want to reach our hurting world with the good news of Jesus.

Will you make a gift right now to ensure that I Am Second can continue to help people encounter Jesus through inspiring and life-changing stories?

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  •  Equip I Am Second with the resources it needs to make compelling, authentic stories that showcase the hope of Jesus.
  • Help get the stories in front of the people who need them the most — the lost, the hurting and the desperate. 
  • Champion the spread of the good news of Jesus throughout the world
  • Inspire others to find lasting hope by putting Jesus first and Living Second.

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