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Coronavirus Guide for Spiritual Health

3 Steps to Stay Sane and Connected

We live in crazy times, don’t we? From daily Presidential briefings on the one hand to runs on toilet paper on the other. No March Madness. No more SXSW, Broadway shows, or in-person classes for a season. Mass cancellations around the world. 

Uncertainty grips everyone. For some, this grows into monsters of fear and anxiety. Our news feeds stoke the fires of crisis and scarcity. It’s easy to start pushing preparedness over the line into panic. 

But there is a way to spread peace instead of panic. Will you confront fear by bringing hope? Here are 3 steps to do that. 


Spend time putting Jesus first each day. He is the unchanging source of hope and peace. If this is not yet a daily habit for you, here are some ways to start: 

  • Read the Bible. Start small - maybe a chapter a day from the book of John, Mark, or Proverbs. The Bible App also has tons of free reading plans. Try some things and see what works for you!
  • Talk with God about what you read. About how amazing he is. About what you  feel. About what you need. Be honest and conversational so you can stop and listen to him, too. 
Step 2: REACH OUT 

“Social distancing” is tough and can feel isolating.  

  • Reach out to encourage and love others so neither of you feel alone. Call or text others  each day to check up, encourage, and pray for them. Ask how you can help. Or ask them for help if you are in need.
  • We have over 100 free films at iamsecond.com. Simply share one with someone you know who needs peace in a stressful time. Maybe start with one of these films and download the free discussion guides to accompany them. (Special page for students at iamsecond.com/students.)

Danny Gokey Danny Gokey   

Bethany HamiltonBethany Hamilton
Austin CarlileAustin Carlile
Amanda Jane CooperAmanda Jane Cooper


Step 3: REGROUP (Simple Church) 

Social distancing. Self quarantining. Now, more than ever, we need to fight to maintain a sense of community to encourage us and our friends and family. We need each other, and we definitely need Jesus! Here are some suggestions.

  • Gather: Bring hope by gathering with your social distancing buddies, or by hosting a meeting on the phone or through a video conference. Be sure to abide by the current CDC recommendations!

  • Example: Watch a short video about how one family uses the discussion guide. You can adapt what they do in their home to either a physical meeting or a virtual meeting according to CDC recommendations.

  • Coaching: Do you have more questions about how all this works? Would you like to hear what is working with others? Sign up here for upcoming training. We will let you know about future opportunities.

Let’s use these challenging times to share the hope and peace we have in the One who is first--Jesus. You never know how it could impact someone.

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